Letters of recommendation, distinction and acclaim:

-Kris Griffith of Ferrer Mechanical Services

“There aren’t many people who have had a bigger impact on the City of Indianapolis than The Peterson Family and The Peterson Company. When Ferrer Mechanical is on a Peterson project we are treated as a true partner. We always know the entire Team is on the same page due to their leadership and approach to achieving the safest project, delivered on time, and on budget. Our relationship with Peterson is one of the most rewarding I have ever known.”

-Mike D. Jones of Hillwood Investment Properties

“A key component of our success was that Peterson understood the complexity of each partner’s situation; what drove us.  They managed the project with my financial obligations in mind, the tenants schedule and operational needs as a high priority, and their consultants numerous processes and procedures diligently.  They are a a partner that “get’s it”.

Hillwood Investment Properties Letter of Recommendation

-Knute Lentz of Brybelly Holdings, Inc.

“The Peterson Company was impressive to work with.  Everyone in the organization was respectful and carefully listened to our needs from start to finish keeping us well informed.  The Project Managers were very experienced and a daily pleasure to deal with.  We had a lot of changes and a very tight deadline and they still delivered on time and even under budget.  We look forward to working with The Peterson Company again on future projects!”

Brybelly Letter of Recommendation

-Lorne Ellefson

“I want you all to know that I am very pleased with the performance of your team and the quality of your workmanship. As a former GC, I appreciate how difficult it is to attract and retain the talent your crews have demonstrated”.

-Gary Peltz of Peltz Shoes

“You guys are awesome!”